1. 2. the player that are in the middle
  2. 4. the players that mostly score the goals
  3. 7. it happens when a foul takes place in the box
  4. 9. the person who calls fouls
  5. 11. a circle object that we fight for in a game
  6. 13. the country that has won the most world cups
  7. 14. the person who calls the plays
  8. 15. the players that blocks the ball from going in the net with there hands
  1. 1. kicks the ball from the corner where the flags are
  2. 3. the plays that defend the opposites teams forwards
  3. 5. the eleven players who starts the game
  4. 6. the players that are in the outside
  5. 8. the players that don't start the games but they sometimes play in a game
  6. 10. the most popular event in soccer
  7. 12. the highest paid soccer player