1. 2. these players are considered outside forwards and are positioned close to the sidelines.
  2. 6. the instance when a player kicks the ball to their teammate.
  3. 9. kick a kick awarded to a player for a foul committed by the opposition; the player kicks a stationary ball without any opposing players within 10 yards of them
  4. 11. the striking of a ball in the air by a player's head
  5. 12. when a player passes the ball in to a teammate using both hands over their head.
  6. 13. a "free kick" in which a goal can be scored directly. It was awarded after a serious foul is committed by opposition.
  7. 14. given to players who commit a serious foul and is ejected from the game
  8. 16. taken from the "penalty spot" and is awarded after a defender or goalie commit a foul inside of their own penalty area/box.
  9. 17. defensive players whose primary task is to prevent the opposing team from scoring
  10. 18. an attaching player must have 2 opposing players between them and the opposing goal when a pass is being played to them. If a player is past the last defender (not counting the goalie) then they are offsides.
  11. 19. offensive players that are positioned in front of the rest of the team and are responsible for playing offense and defense
  12. 21. guarding a player closely to prevent them from advancing the ball towards the goal or making a pass
  1. 1. also called a midfielder, these players are positioned behind the forwards and are responsible for playing defense and offense.
  2. 3. defender that stands directly in front of the goal and is the only player allowed to use their hands.
  3. 4. bringing the ball under control using the foot, chest, or head.
  4. 5. given to players as a warning for their behavior/foul. Once a player has two of these, they receive a red card.
  5. 7. a ball kicked or headed by a player towards the opponent's goal in an attempt to score.
  6. 8. advancing the ball with the feet while controlling it.
  7. 10. a "free kick" where a goal CANNOT be scored directly, it must be passed.
  8. 15. International Federation of Association Football
  9. 20. ball a foul that occurs when a player touches the ball with their hand or arm