Soccer Lingo

  1. 3. Also called forwards or attackers, players with forward positions in the team's lineup. Their main job is scoring.
  2. 4. An unfair or unsportsmanlike act by a player against their opponent while the ball is in play, as called by the referee. It grants the other team a free kick.
  3. 8. An advanced move in which the player kicks the ball in mid-air while flipping backwards
  4. 10. stealing the ball from an opposing player's control using only your feet. Unlike in American football, it's not supposed to knock the other player over!
  5. 12. When a player accidentally knocks the ball into their own goal, scoring a point for their opponents
  6. 14. Presented after a player commits a serious foul or rule violation, or receives two yellow cards. It ejects the player from the game.
  1. 1. The field on which the sport is played
  2. 2. A free kick awarded when a foul happens in specific area near the goal. The player kicks the ball directly at the goal, with only the goalkeeper standing between them.
  3. 5. Penalty called if an attacker has an unfair position on the field
  4. 6. Moving the ball down the field or around a defender using short taps or kicks, maintaining control of the ball
  5. 7. An official warning given by a referee to a player who breaks the rules. A second yellow card means an automatic red card.
  6. 9. A shot or pass performed by a player hitting the ball with their head
  7. 11. Often abbreviated as goalie or keeper, the guard of the team’s goal, and the only player allowed to use their hands
  8. 13. A kick taken by one team without the other team’s interference, usually as a punishment for a foul