South African wine

  1. 2. A famous wine valley founded by French Huguenot settlers
  2. 6. Traditional-method sparkling wines in South Africa are called Méthode... (3,9)
  3. 8. The country's unofficial wine capital, known for its Cabernet Sauvignon
  4. 10. This prominent peak is a key feature in the Western Cape winelands
  5. 12. Pinotage is a crossing of Pinot Noir and this grape
  6. 13. A South African barbecue, where wine is always served
  7. 15. Geographical Indication in Australia, American Viticultural Area in the US – what are they called in South Africa? (4,2,6)
  1. 1. With more than 60% of global sales, South Africa is the largest producer of this ethically made wine
  2. 3. This region, meaning 'pearl', was once the heart of the South African wine industry
  3. 4. Meaning 'Heaven and Earth', this valley stretches northeast of Hermanus and is known for its Burgundian varieties (5,2,5)
  4. 5. The historic South African name for Chenin Blanc
  5. 7. The oldest wine region in South Africa and the name of the country's first wine farm
  6. 9. This word is used in South Africa as a synonym for 'grape variety'
  7. 10. A hot, arid region famed for its dry-farmed bushvines, particularly of Syrah and Chenin Blanc
  8. 11. South Africa's coolest wine region, once known more for its apples
  9. 14. This small, cool-climate ward is the Cape's most southerly
  10. 16. Native shrubland, like the garrigue of France