1. 7. Second biggest planet, also a gas giant and is surrounded with icy rings
  2. 8. The planet that can sustain living creatures
  3. 9. Scientists that study about space and astronomy
  4. 11. The distance which a ray of light would travel in one year. This is about 6,000,000,000,000 (6 trillion) miles.
  5. 13. A special kind of elongated circle. The orbits of the solar system planets form ellipses.
  6. 15. The star that it is in the centre of the solar system
  7. 16. A small particle from a comet or asteroid
  8. 17. Seventh planet from the sun
  1. 1. Icy small Solar System Body
  2. 2. Biggest planet and is a gas giant
  3. 3. Second planet closest to the sun
  4. 4. A group of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity
  5. 5. Minor Planets that are not comets
  6. 6. Described as the "Red Planet", named after the Roman God of war
  7. 8. When our view of one object in the sky is blocked by either another object or the Earth's shadow
  8. 10. An area in the Earth's upper atmosphere which absorbs many of the lethal radiations coming from space
  9. 12. Negative particle which orbits an atom
  10. 14. A dwarf planet that used to be a part of the solar system
  11. 16. Smallest and closest planet to the Sun
  12. 18. A cloud of gas and dust