1. 4. it’s bright and it’s not a planet
  2. 6. they are people and they are a few who can do this
  3. 8. it’s our home and it’s our planet
  4. 9. it’s no longer considered a planet and it’s the smallest dwarf planet in the Solar System its smaller than earth moons
  5. 13. it’s also called a minor planet and it’s a small body that orbits around the sun
  6. 14. it was the god of agriculture in Roman mythology and it’s also the father of Jupiter, the king of the Roman gods and it’s a planet
  7. 16. it make everything stay on the ground
  8. 19. it’s not a planet and it’s not human some people believe it and other don't
  9. 20. it’s a planet and it was name after t the god of war in Roman mythology (Ares)
  1. 1. it’s a planet and it’s the smallest planet from our solar system
  2. 2. it has 19 moons and was discovered by Urban Le Verier, John Couch Adams, and Johann Galle on September 23 in 1846
  3. 3. it’s the largest planet in our solar system it has a moon that is bigger than Mercury
  4. 5. a bright object in space that has a tail of gas and dust
  5. 7. star it’s a star but you can wish on it
  6. 10. it’s a planet and it was named after the Greek god of the sky
  7. 11. 12 people have gone there and its comes out at night
  8. 12. hole it’s a place where money or lost item apparently disappear without trace
  9. 15. it only comes out at night and they is over billion of them
  10. 17. it’s bright and it’s a planet and it’s the sixth largest planet
  11. 18. giant it’s a planet that is made out of gas like Venus and Mars