1. 4. A form of dance and music popular in Spain
  2. 5. Event in which thousands of people take part in a giant food fight in which they throw tomatoes at each other for two hours, with the local governments supplying the tomatoes.
  3. 6. The ______ _____ is a week of feasting and Roman Catholic processions leading up to Easter.
  4. 10. The Spanish population is mostly referred to as _________.
  5. 13. Saying the word _____ is common in English; however, in Spanish culture the translation is very strong and offensive.
  6. 15. What type of food is the Mediterranean diet heavily influenced by?
  7. 16. One of Spain’s football clubs
  8. 18. One of the bodies of water that surround Spain
  9. 19. Spain's national sport
  1. 1. One of the majorly populated cities in Spain
  2. 2. Spain is divided into __________ Communities.
  3. 3. Style of music that Spain played a big role in
  4. 6. Spain is located in ____________ Europe.
  5. 7. The Las Fallas started as a holiday to pay tribute to Saint ______.
  6. 8. Words that sound the same but are different are called _____ ______.
  7. 9. Soap operas are very popular in Spain. There, they are called
  8. 11. The __________ Century would be an important part of their history with Spain losing their territories and the Empire collapsing.
  9. 12. Spanish is considered a _______ language.
  10. 14. The religion of the majority of the population were _____ ________.
  11. 17. One of the main groups that Spain was in war with