Speyside Sessions Trivia Challenge

  1. 3. This classic holiday song didn’t make the final cut but it won’t be forgotten - and neither will the legendary Hogmanay party at which it most certainly was sung!
  2. 7. “The Fairy Dance” is this lively, fast tempo style of song.
  3. 10. Featured as the Speyside Sessions logo.
  4. 12. Donald Lunan and Morna Young lost this the weekend of the recording sessions.
  5. 16. Dan Conroy helped shop for this ‘essential’ needed for the recording week.
  6. 22. Worked with Kevin McKidd’s grandfather.
  7. 24. Speyside Sessions was recorded in this city.
  8. 34. This former Del Amitri member helped produce the album.
  9. 35. Knows Kevin McKidd from school and taught Dan Conroy many a Scots/Doric word.
  10. 40. Best friend of mastermind, a Speyside Sessions originator and producer.
  11. 41. Doctor who plays the flute. A classmate of Kevin McKidd’s who gets grumpy when not eating every 2 hours.
  12. 42. Bob Sharp’s career in this took him to many corners of the world.
  13. 43. Pastoral song featuring evocative images of Scottish scenery, birds, and seasons. Kevin McKidd and Shona Donaldson sing it exquisitely.
  14. 46. Colin Reid and Stuart McConachie provided background vocals for this unreleased track.
  15. 48. Dentist and childhood friend of Kevin McKidd.
  16. 49. Speyside Sessions is a love letter celebrating the songs of this native land.
  17. 50. Buying a digital or physical copy of Speyside Sessions at this website allows the most to go to charity.
  18. 52. Speyside Sessions was recorded over this holiday.
  19. 53. Fast tempo, very comical song about cleaning out the cowshed or barn.
  20. 56. Not profiled but provided vocals. Also thanked in CD linear notes.
  21. 59. The Tweed is a ____ that forms part of the Scottish-English border.
  22. 60. “IV32 7QA” is the ____ ____ for where Speyside Sessions was recorded.
  23. 61. Delane Morrison-Wallace dabbled behind the decks as this.
  24. 63. Has performed in a number of folk and céilidh bands and worked alongside Kevin McKidd’s mom.
  25. 68. This heartfelt song could be interpreted as a nod or ode to Kevin McKidd’s own life journey. It’s a favorite of many Sessioners.
  26. 71. Fairly unaware of Kevin McKidd prior to Speyside Sessions. Considers Paul Anderson a good friend and was invited by him to the recording. Plays guitar on “Diane of Pitgaveny”.
  27. 72. Played at closing ceremony of Special Olympics at Glasgow Green.
  28. 75. Sings lead on “Fareweel Tae Tarwathie”
  29. 76. Dan Conroy and Dave Martin both play this instrument.
  30. 77. Famed Scottish composer and fiddle player (son of Scotland’s most famous fiddler) whose credits include “The Fairy Dance”.
  31. 78. Music genre of Speyside Sessions.
  32. 80. The young chevalier in this song is best known for his role in the Jacobite uprising of 1745.
  33. 87. Lyrics of this mid-1800s song reference the whaling industry.
  34. 88. Angus Robertson helped cook several of these type dishes for the Sessioners.
  35. 89. Alternate name for “The Lea Rig”.
  36. 90. Donald Lunan and Delane Morrison-Wallace play this instrument.
  37. 91. Song recited in a bawdy fashion by one Sessioner during the album’s recording.
  38. 93. Robert Burns was infatuated with this 'Peggy dear' when he wrote “Now Westlin' Winds” in the late 1770s.
  39. 94. When not playing in a band, an IT nerd for the NHS. A brother to Kevin McKidd’s best friend.
  40. 95. Toe-tapping instrumental on album.
  41. 96. Performs in a choir, complete with black bowtie and full orchestra.
  42. 97. Sole new composition on the album, written as a birthday present for one of the Sessioners.
  43. 99. Ali Napier has an addiction to this chocolate breakfast cereal.
  44. 100. The best friend and his producing partner are known by these nicknames.
  45. 101. Delgaty is located here.
  46. 103. Speyside Sessions landed at the top of several of these world music charts.
  47. 104. “John Anderson, My Jo” is said to have been written as a gift for this wife of Robert Burns.
  48. 105. Physiotherapist that plays the cello.
  49. 106. Kevin McKidd’s relative to whom Speyside Sessions is dedicated.
  50. 107. Semi-aquatic animal. The Speyside Sessions mascot is one.
  1. 1. All Speyside Sessions tracks were recorded as ____ performances.
  2. 2. Handles distribution inquiries for Speyside Sessions. A native Scotsman.
  3. 4. Narrated the Speyside Sessions teaser video but he did not perform on the album.
  4. 5. Jen McKee plays this rather large string instrument.
  5. 6. Other charity donations were collected at this website. (USA based)
  6. 8. Song about navigating the highs, lows, and challenges of love.
  7. 9. Speyside Sessions contains many ____ ballads, which refer to songs farmhands would sing to pass the time.
  8. 11. Jason Sinclair plays this instrument, but not on the final Speyside Sessions album.
  9. 13. Gayle Anderson went back to school to become this.
  10. 14. Mick McGrory performed on this unreleased track.
  11. 15. Garry Morrison and Donald Lunan have performed with this folk band since 1970.
  12. 17. Morna Young and Rose Oke Millet were working at this theatre company (Kevin McKidd is its patron) when they became involved with Speyside Sessions.
  13. 18. International charity elect for Speyside Sessions, all profits go to them.
  14. 19. Built a pub under his house.
  15. 20. Speyside Sessions was recorded in this region.
  16. 21. Lead vocalist Shona Donaldson studied Scottish music here.
  17. 22. Provided original logo concept for Speyside Sessions and did the “Sessions with” profiles. Former job in graphic design probably helped.
  18. 23. This song didn’t make the final cut but Speyside Sessions did release a video of it.
  19. 25. This tragic song, which tells the story of star-crossed lovers and an arranged marriage, did not make the final cut but Shona Donaldson, Rose Oke Millett, Ali Napier, and Dave Martin all perform on it.
  20. 26. Glasgow based site that donated time and expertise to distribute album on iTunes, etc.
  21. 27. Revered Scottish national poet who wrote several songs heard on Speyside Sessions.
  22. 28. The Celtic (low to high) tuning style of Kevin McKidd’s instrument.
  23. 29. According to the lyrics of “The Water Is Wide” love is this when first new.
  24. 30. Jamie Reid sings male lead on this rousing, foot stomping border ballad that dates back to at least 1720.
  25. 31. Song about the Treaty of Union between Scotland and England. Its sentiment may be seen as relevant to Scotland’s current state of affairs.
  26. 32. Voted Scots Singer of the Year in 2009.
  27. 33. Official website that helped promote album, sold T-shirts and mugs, and collected outright donations for the charity. (INITIALS)
  28. 36. Producing partner of best friend and a Speyside Sessions producer.
  29. 37. Wrote the sole new, original composition for the album.
  30. 38. Winning this championship was a proud moment for Paul Anderson.
  31. 39. Grey’s Anatomy co-producer who provided background vocals and helped produce the teaser video.
  32. 44. Recited a bawdy version of one of the songs, and is a former co-star of the executive producer.
  33. 45. Song about unrequited love sung in Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig).
  34. 47. Paul Anderson is renown for playing this instrument and takes the lead on the album.
  35. 51. Lesley Skene and Kevin McKidd met through this artistic outlet.
  36. 54. Bob Sharp sings lead and plays guitar on this fast, lively tune that tells the tale of a hired farmhand.
  37. 55. Percussionist and electronic musician-producer.
  38. 57. Took photos, helped cook and, with Iain Robertson, got Bryan Tolland and recording gear to Sessions.
  39. 58. Speyside Sessions mastermind, along with his best friend. The album’s executive producer.
  40. 61. Had a birthday during the recording of the album.
  41. 62. Unreleased track that Dave Martin loves.
  42. 64. Should have no problem knowing what “IV32 7QA” means.
  43. 65. Common nickname for historical figure referenced in title of “'Charlie Is My Darling”.
  44. 66. In “These Are My Mountains” the singer wanders the earth for ____ and ____.
  45. 67. This song is also a Scottish dance.
  46. 69. Kevin McKidd plays this instrument on the album.
  47. 70. Married to Bob Sharp and provided vocals.
  48. 73. Moray MP who helped organize support and participants for album.
  49. 74. Garry Morrison plays this instrument on “Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre”.
  50. 79. This married, real life lady left her house, land, and money to run off with her former beau, thus reportedly inspiring one of the album’s songs.
  51. 81. Colin Reid and Jason Sinclair are in this band.
  52. 82. Though never profiled, this lovely voice can be heard as lead vocal on “Both Sides The Tweed”, “John Anderson, My Jo”, and “Iain Ghlinn Cauch”.
  53. 83. In a band with the best friend’s brother.
  54. 84. Speyside Sessions was recorded in this house.
  55. 85. Originally from Moray, then lived in Paris for several years before returning home.
  56. 86. Rose Oke Millett is co-director of this theatre company.
  57. 89. From a wee fishing village. Hopefully not lost at sea.
  58. 92. Kevin McKidd and Carey Lunan were in this play together in the 1980s.
  59. 98. Name of the Speyside Sessions mascot.
  60. 102. Speyside Sessions was recorded along the banks of this river.