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  1. 2. a sport with oval ball
  2. 4. was created in japan and is a modern martial art
  3. 6. a sport where two teams are separated by a net
  4. 8. a game where there are eleven players in each team
  5. 9. is a bat and ball game played between two teams of eleven players
  6. 10. in this game where the teams alternate attack and defence
  7. 12. is a sport that includes aerobic, acrobatic and artistic movements
  8. 14. here you use a sword
  9. 15. is one of the oldest and most famous fight sport
  10. 16. you must use a yellow ball and a racket
  11. 18. is one of the 10 games at the Olympics
  1. 1. is the sport of falling into water from a platform
  2. 2. a sport that can be on ice
  3. 3. involve competitive running, jumping and walking
  4. 5. you must put the ball into a basket
  5. 7. a fight sport, born in korea
  6. 11. is a sport that you must use an arch and an arrow
  7. 13. you must stay in a pool
  8. 17. you must get the ball to the wall
  9. 19. is a sport famous in Scotland