Spring Crossword!

  1. 4. The beginning of the spring season... this year it occurred on March 20th
  2. 6. A seasonal reaction to pollen in the air
  3. 8. A flower yet to blossom
  4. 11. This phenomenon in the animal kingdom generally ends between March and May
  5. 14. A seasonal spring fruit with a scientifically inaccurate nameā€¦ look it up!
  6. 16. Bird that symbolizes the beginning of spring
  1. 1. You're lucky if you find one with three leaves, and even luckier if you find one with four!
  2. 2. When cold and warm ones meet, rain occurs
  3. 3. What you do to a fruit to get the juice out
  4. 5. A cold, raw soup - perfect for warmer seasons
  5. 7. "March comes in like a lion and out like a _____."
  6. 9. "April _____ bring May flowers."
  7. 10. The fifth month of the year
  8. 12. They're busy, but not exactly popular
  9. 13. Things you need to tend to when the weather gets warm
  10. 15. Light wind