Summer Nights

  1. 1. Figures in a painting sing "It's Hot Up Here" in this musical (answer is the 1st part of the show's title)
  2. 3. An ardent admirer, or a handheld cooling device
  3. 7. "In Summer" warms up this musical for a certain snowman named Olaf
  4. 8. Some like it this way
  5. 11. It's "hell on earth" in this Broadway musical
  6. 13. The living is easy in this opera's "Summertime"
  7. 14. What we want to do on a hot summer day, or the title of a Joe Iconis musical
  8. 15. "The Heat Is On" in this musical based on "Madama Butterfly"
  1. 2. "Cat on a Hot _____"
  2. 4. Harry and Donna sing about their last summer in Paris in this jukebox musical
  3. 5. Norm nominated for a Tony in 2012
  4. 6. Danny and Sandy tell friends about their "Summer Nights" in this musical
  5. 7. Kind of perspiration an actor might experience after forgetting a line onstage
  6. 9. See 1-Across; answer is the 2nd part of the show's title
  7. 10. Based on "The Taming of the Shrew," this musical gets "Too Darn Hot"
  8. 12. This "West Side Story" song wants you to keep the heat down