1. 2. Italian second largest island famous for it's beautiful beaches
  2. 6. Main star in Solar System
  3. 7. Croatian city on southern Adriatic coast famous for it's walls
  4. 9. We use it to dry off our skin and hair
  5. 10. Extreme water sport popular in windy days
  6. 12. We wear it when we go in the water
  7. 14. Greek island famous for it's nightlife
  8. 15. Archipelago which consists of 700 islands eastern from Florida and northern form Cuba
  9. 18. Fast vehicle which is used for the adrenaline rides on the sea
  10. 19. Sport which is often played on the beach
  11. 20. Tropical paradise placed in Indian ocean
  1. 1. Big boat which transports many tourists across the oceans
  2. 3. Colorful drink which is often served in bars and clubs
  3. 4. They are used to protect our eyes form sun
  4. 5. Big hole filled up with water in which we can swim
  5. 8. Brazilian city famous for it's big beach called Copacabana
  6. 11. Boat which is powered by the force of the wind
  7. 13. Big umbrella which is used to make the shade on the beach
  8. 16. Spanish island famous for it's nightlife
  9. 17. Sweet and cold treat