Sweet wine crossword

  1. 5. The spirit used to stop fermentation and fortify the must to make Port.
  2. 6. What’s the name of the only Premier Cru Supérieur of Bordeaux sweet wines?
  3. 9. Sweetness level meaning 'late harvest' in the German Pradikatt pyramind.
  4. 11. The Southern Rhône AOC known for fortified Grenache.
  5. 12. The name of the red sparkling wine from Lombardy, usually sweet at entry level.
  6. 13. This white grape is widely used to make easy-drinking sweet wines in South Africa. What’s the name of the variety?
  7. 18. What’s the DOCG sweet fizzy wine from Piedmont featuring white flower aromas and low alcohol?
  1. 1. What is the French term used to define the fortified sweet wines made in Languedoc-Roussillon?
  2. 2. The name of the grape variety used to make the intensely sweet PX Sherry.
  3. 3. What’s the style of Valpolicella made by drying grapes on straw mats or bamboo racks?
  4. 4. What’s the key reason for Tawny Port, Oloroso Sherry and Madeira to turn brown and gain nutty, caramel and dried fruit-like flavours?
  5. 7. What’s the German term for unfermented grape must used as a sweetening component in wine?
  6. 8. What’s the special unit used to measure sugar levels of Tokaji Aszu?
  7. 10. Which region in Victoria of Australia is known for producing the rich, syrupy sweet wines?
  8. 14. The name of the Fungi responsible for creating the 'liquid gold' sweet wines from Bordeaux.
  9. 15. What is the large family of grapes known for their ‘grapey’ aromatic characteristics?
  10. 16. The thick-skinned hybrid grape variety widely used for making ice wines in Canada and northeast China.
  11. 17. What’s the key indicator used in German wines to measure the amount of sugar and determine the potential alcohol levels of the grape juice?