Teacher Trivia!

  1. 1. History teacher and dean loyal to the Queen.
  2. 2. The same name as an iconic Duke basketball coach, but he's on the track!
  3. 4. Take a v and an e out of a city in Ohio and you've got this amazing science teacher!
  4. 6. Spanish teacher with the best ponytail on campus
  5. 8. Seventh grade dean and her name rhymes with an instrument she teaches.
  6. 9. Math teacher names after sunscreen ingredient spelled wrong.
  1. 1. Dean famous for his bow ties and advises BLACC!
  2. 3. Head baseball coach. just read last year's CIF championship la times article.
  3. 5. Head of the english department but her last name is a math term
  4. 7. History teacher with too many bobbleheads on his desk to count.