1. 5. people would rather stay inside instead of going out to.....
  2. 6. Large amount of inaccurate information
  3. 8. used to edit pictures you have taken
  4. 9. can be found online or spark notes causing libraries and book stores to go out of service
  5. 10. addiction to technology causes obesity and vision problems
  6. 12. turning assignments in online saving trees
  7. 14. Easier to plagarize
  8. 15. lack of jobs in grocery stores
  9. 17. such as skytrains are very fast and efficient and are good for the environment
  10. 18. listening anytime anywhere because of spotify, apple music etc...
  11. 19. can meet people online, but you have to be careful because you might get catfished
  12. 20. not knowing all your "friends" on social media can lead to bad people and situations
  13. 21. helps us understand and connect to the world
  14. 22. can get catfished
  1. 1. Helps to communicate with family across the globe
  2. 2. technology can get hacked and reveal personal information
  3. 3. less in school debates due to the fact of online courses
  4. 4. don't have to go to the cinemas
  5. 5. has declined due the fact of starring at screens eg. phone computers etc...
  6. 7. easier to find your destination with in a more effective manner
  7. 8. loss of jobs because of online messaging
  8. 11. is more advanced and decreases the risk of diseases
  9. 13. helps see family or friends faces across the world
  10. 16. creates an image that tells teens what they should look like