R&D Crossword Puzzle

  1. 3. Indian classical music in retro with Media and Culture
  2. 6. Vaccine sat till light to space
  3. 8. What is your reaction to a caramelized duck?
  4. 9. Usual Suspects you don't want to see in your screen
  5. 10. You too might feel this when caged, not just mice
  1. 1. Serves Pint with a Pirate's excitement in-between
  2. 2. Did Bellerophon have this when he went shopping?
  3. 4. What a female deer does with u not there?
  4. 5. A kiss in the Alps slopes is the thumb rule to find the cure
  5. 7. Make sure you cross out the T when you learn the truth about the cells lineup