Test Your Kubetools Skills

  1. 1. A tool for managing the lifecycle of a Kubernetes cluster on AWS (Amazon Web Services), including cluster creation, scaling, and upgrades.
  2. 3. A tool used to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster, providing a simplified way to set up and configure the necessary components.
  3. 7. An open-source machine learning toolkit built on Kubernetes, designed to streamline the deployment and management of machine learning workflows.
  4. 8. A tool that allows you to run Kubernetes locally on your computer for development and testing purposes.
  1. 2. A command-line tool that automates the development workflow for Kubernetes applications, allowing for rapid iterative development, testing, and deployment.
  2. 4. A graphical user interface (GUI) tool for managing and monitoring Kubernetes clusters, providing a visual representation of resources and their relationships.
  3. 5. A utility that enhances the kubectl command by providing fast switching between multiple Kubernetes clusters and namespaces.
  4. 6. A package manager for Kubernetes that simplifies the deployment and management of applications.
  5. 7. An Ansible-based tool that automates the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters on various infrastructure providers.
  6. 9. A command-line tool for interacting with the Kubernetes cluster management system.