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  1. 2. Celie moves with Shug to this Tennessee city
  2. 4. When Sofia's husband tries to mistreat her, she has these words for him
  3. 7. Celie starts a business making this article of clothing
  4. 9. Before Renée Elise Goldsberry was a Schuyler Sister, she played this sister in "The Color Purple"
  5. 11. In the show's first song, the moon is going to rise like this kind of pie
  6. 12. "American Idol" winner who played Celie
  7. 13. Brandon Victor Dixon earned a Tony nom for this role
  8. 15. "I'm _____"
  9. 16. Alice whose Pulitzer-winning novel inspired the musical
  10. 18. "Push Da _____"
  11. 19. Name of Celie's daughter
  1. 1. Pulitzer winner for "'night, Mother," this Marsha wrote the book for the musical
  2. 3. At the end of Act 1, Celie discovers that her sister has been trying to communicate with her through these
  3. 5. Winner of a 2006 Tony for her performance as Celie
  4. 6. Character in the show known by an honorific
  5. 8. Shug's last name
  6. 10. Danielle from "Orange Is the New Black" who made her Broadway debut in "The Color Purple"
  7. 13. Jennifer who played Shug in the revival
  8. 14. "The Color Purple" takes place primarily in this state
  9. 17. Cynthia who made her Broadway debut in the revival and won a Tony with the role of Celie