The Earth

  1. 6. It's formed by all living organisms
  2. 7. The 44th President of the USA
  3. 10. The study of the movement, distribution, and quality of fresh water on Earth
  4. 11. All the water on Earth, in all physical states, is called like that
  5. 15. It's made up of never ending exchanges of water
  6. 16. The scientific study of the weather
  7. 17. The study of climate
  8. 19. They can be open or closed or isolated
  9. 20. A system of food chains
  1. 1. The rocky, external layer of the Earth
  2. 2. Includes the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the lithosphere
  3. 3. The study of the movement, distribution, and quality of salt water on Earth
  4. 4. That's what you study if you're very interested in the Earth
  5. 5. The singer of Queen
  6. 8. A blend of gases that envelops and protects the Earth
  7. 9. That's what you study if you want to know more about eruptions
  8. 12. When geology... goes back through history
  9. 13. Includes metamorphism, erosion and melting
  10. 14. That's what you are passionate about if you want to study earthquakes
  11. 18. It's about the movement of plates