The Empty Nest Blueprint

  1. 4. An answer to a problem.
  2. 9. The author of The Empty Nest Blueprint.
  3. 10. To flourish or succeed.
  4. 11. The period of life after empty nesting.
  5. 13. A book that has sold in large numbers over a long period of time.
  6. 14. A feeling of great eagerness or enthusiasm.
  7. 16. The legal dissolution of a marriage.
  8. 17. Biggest Empty Nest worry. So start saving.
  9. 18. A detailed proposal for doing something.
  1. 1. Moving from one stage of life to another.
  2. 2. A person who repeatedly returns to their parents' home after leaving it.
  3. 3. Name of The Empty Nest Blueprint Publisher.
  4. 4. The feeling of loneliness and sadness that some parents experience when their children leave home. Empty Nest _______
  5. 5. To follow something with the intention of catching or getting it.
  6. 6. A set of plans or instructions for making something.
  7. 7. An educational institution that provides higher education.
  8. 8. A long period of mental dejection and inactivity.
  9. 12. A feeling of sadness or disappointment, especially when someone or something does not happen as you expected.
  10. 15. The action of raising and educating a child.