The Fur-Bearers' Wildlife Mother's Day Puzzle

  1. 1. Nocturnal creature in Canada with mothers known for carrying their babies on their backs.
  2. 5. This slinky fur-bearing mammal has large litter sizes of four to six kits.
  3. 6. Agile mammal in Canada whose mothers teach their young to glide from tree to tree.
  4. 9. Famously adaptable mammal in Canada whose mothers nurse their young in underground dens.
  5. 10. Many wildlife mothers need to teach their young to do this to eat.
  6. 11. Semi-aquatic mammal in Canada whose mothers raise their kits in dens near water bodies.
  7. 12. An old-fashioned gift that compassionate mother's won't like.
  8. 13. Show mom you care with a donation to The Fur-Bearers that sends them an ____.
  9. 14. They love grubs, but are dependent on mom for the first four-to-six weeks of their lives.
  10. 15. Arboreal rodent in Canada with mothers that care for their young in treetop nests.
  1. 2. Ecosystem characterized by extensive grasslands and few trees, found primarily in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  2. 3. Mother's Day Month.
  3. 4. Semi-aquatic mammal in Canada whose mothers nurse their pups underwater.
  4. 5. Mother en Francais.
  5. 6. A common gift for mom that you can grow to help ecosystems flourish.
  6. 7. Carnivorous mammal in Canada that mothers raise in family packs, teaching them hunting skills.
  7. 8. Latin for Mother.