The greatest crossword of all times, by The Estimator

  1. 4. A typical Azerbaijani dish
  2. 5. The name of the international party district in Seoul
  3. 6. For security reasons, what is your first name?(this word will stay red)
  4. 10. How many pitfalls were mentioned in the article about quitting social media?
  5. 12. A team of advisors to the Dutch government during the pandemic
  6. 13. Biden is the ... president to be sworn into service
  7. 14. This year we celebrate FAECTOR's ...
  8. 15. Someone who helps you with technical issues on Zoom
  1. 1. Perhaps the best bread to go with good coffee ;)
  2. 2. One of the biggest concerns regarding the 2nd camera was related to ...?
  3. 3. A type of coffee
  4. 7. irregular and twisting, like a labyrinth
  5. 8. Which party on average has the oldest voters
  6. 9. A way to prevent losing money on a trade portal
  7. 11. What sticker (regarding news..) did someone dare place on a VVD sign