The History of the American Civil Rights Movement

  1. 2. Significant or historic events or moments
  2. 4. Originating or operating at the local level, often involving ordinary people or community organizations
  3. 8. Providing an assurance or promise of something
  4. 10. Including or encompassing all; not excluding any particular group
  5. 13. Active support or promotion of a cause or policy
  6. 14. The state of being equal, especially in rights, status, and opportunities
  7. 15. An earnest and diligent effort towards achieving a goal
  8. 16. The unjust or prejudicial treatment of individuals based on factors such as race, gender, or age
  9. 17. Fairness, moral rightness, and the administration of the law
  10. 19. A crucial turning point or defining moment in history
  11. 20. The ability to recover quickly from difficulties or setbacks
  1. 1. Characterized by the absence of violence or the use of peaceful means
  2. 3. A long and challenging effort or endeavor
  3. 5. The deprivation or denial of the right to vote or other civil rights
  4. 6. The state of being alert, watchful, and attentive to potential dangers or problems
  5. 7. An ideal or inspiring mental image of a desired future
  6. 9. Symbolic or representative of something
  7. 11. The enforced separation of different racial or ethnic groups, particularly in schools, housing, and public facilities
  8. 12. Agents or factors that stimulate or speed up a process of change or development
  9. 18. Extensive or far-reaching in impact, scope, or significance