The Hounds Bark Holiday Crossword Puzzle

  1. 2. Often used to tie up gifts to make them pretty
  2. 3. Beautiful white _____ falling from the sky
  3. 6. After Christmas, it is time for the ____!
  4. 9. Some people enjoying doing ____ calenders as they ciuntdown to Christmas
  5. 10. What some people top their Christmas tree with
  6. 12. These are often heard ringing regularly at this time
  7. 13. Some families enjoy making these in places with heavy snowfall, often requiring coal eyes and a carrot nose
  8. 16. The most well known snowman
  9. 17. A red and white sweet treat for the holiday season
  10. 18. Some people hang these on their doors during the holiday season
  1. 1. Sweet treats that can come in many forms, such as trees or stars.
  2. 2. The famous colors of Christmas
  3. 4. Who makes the toys
  4. 5. A famous drink that is a staple during this time
  5. 7. The most well-known animal with a shiny red nose
  6. 8. Santa goes down the _____ to get into the houses
  7. 11. The most festive month of the year
  8. 14. Often found hanging from doorways
  9. 15. Some people like to drive around and look at the fancy ____ on display