The impact of music on society and culture

  1. 3. A means or channel through which something is expressed or communicated.
  2. 5. Something that is an essential part or component of a whole.
  3. 11. Made easier or assisted the occurrence or development of something.
  4. 12. Involving a mutually beneficial relationship or interaction between two entities.
  5. 13. The state or condition of being numerous or multiple.
  6. 14. Surpassed or gone beyond the limits of something.
  7. 16. The act or state of sticking together or forming a united whole.
  8. 17. Mutual trust and friendship among a group of people.
  9. 20. Involving or pertaining to the interaction between different cultures.
  1. 1. The general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of a specific period in time.
  2. 2. Involving a mutual exchange or action between two parties.
  3. 4. Spreading or distributing information, ideas, or culture widely.
  4. 6. Gradually introducing or implanting something, often beliefs or values, in someone's mind.
  5. 7. Present, appearing, or found everywhere.
  6. 8. A connection or link between different things.
  7. 9. Characterized by subtle distinctions or variations, often requiring careful interpretation.
  8. 10. Something that stimulates or speeds up a reaction or change.
  9. 15. Tending to bring forth or elicit strong emotions or memories.
  10. 18. The origin or beginning of something.
  11. 19. Energizing or arousing strong action or reaction.