The Interesting World of Soccer

  1. 4. The player who wears a different jumper than his team mates.
  2. 7. The country which won the most recent World Cup.
  3. 8. A soccer player whose playing position makes you think of leaves in a garden.
  4. 10. A name given to an attacking player.
  5. 13. The original World Cup was made of this material.
  6. 15. The number of minutes in a professional soccer match.
  7. 16. The country which has won the most World Cups.
  8. 20. The longest line on a soccer field.
  9. 23. Strikers often score these.
  10. 26. The number of panels in a soccer ball.
  11. 27. The name of the person who controls a soccer match.
  12. 31. A marking at the centre of a soccer field.
  13. 32. The number on the back of the jersey of a striker.
  14. 33. The Olympics where Australia came fourth.
  15. 34. The nickname of the Australian women's soccer team.
  1. 1. The name given to players who aren't soccer goalkeepers.
  2. 2. The surname of world soccer's second most famous player.
  3. 3. The surname of world soccer's most famous player.
  4. 5. One colour of a traditional soccer ball.
  5. 6. The other colour of a traditional soccer ball.
  6. 7. The number on the jersey of the Centre Back.
  7. 8. The nickname of the Australian men's soccer team.
  8. 9. The result when both teams score the same number of goals in a match.
  9. 11. The colour of the Australian women's team's shorts.
  10. 12. The number of players in a soccer team.
  11. 14. The name of a soccer field.
  12. 17. The name of the country which has scored the largest winning margin in an international soccer match.
  13. 18. What the original soccer nets actually were.
  14. 19. The opposite of professional.
  15. 21. Officially the toughest sport in the world
  16. 22. The colour of the Australian men's team's shorts.
  17. 23. Initials for a goalkeeper.
  18. 24. The world's most popular sport.
  19. 25. The colour of the Australian Soccer team's jersies.
  20. 28. The number of times Australia has qualified for the World Cup finals.
  21. 29. Many polls suggest that this is the easiest position to play in a soccer team.
  22. 30. The most common playing position for a soccer team captain to hold.