The Last Olympian

  1. 1. jack: What was the name of the thing that landed on the car Percy was in with Rachael?
  2. 5. Who is the main antagonist in the book?
  3. 7. Mist: Why do the civilians not freak out when Mrs. O'leary is running through New York?
  4. 8. What kind of link does Percy have to Grover?
  5. 9. Percy Jackson has a pet what named Mrs. O'Leary?
  6. 11. The achilles curse made it so that you were almost what unless a certain spot is hit?
  7. 13. What do the gods of Olympus tell the demigods that they need to fight.
  8. 16. What kind of Bronze knife did Luke give to Annabeth?
  9. 17. Who is Hermes's son?
  10. 18. What is the name of Percy's sword?
  11. 20. Who is the god of the underworld?
  12. 21. What was the name of the river that Percy got the achilles curse from?
  13. 22. What camp did Percy and his friends stay in?
  14. 23. How many demigods showed up to help Percy go to Olympus?
  15. 24. What kind of animal is Blackjack?
  1. 2. What cabin fought with the Apollo cabin over the flying chariot?
  2. 3. Jackson: Who is the main character of the book?
  3. 4. What did Percy receive when he turned 16?
  4. 6. What was the weapon that Kronos used to cut Percy on the boat?
  5. 10. Percy Jackson is the son of a god, which one?
  6. 12. Who is the friend that Percy was talking to at the beginning of the story?
  7. 14. What was the name of the place that the demigods went, when in search for the gods?
  8. 15. Thomas: What was the beach that Rachael wanted Percy to go to with her?
  9. 19. Which one of Percy's friends died on the boat mission at the beginning?
  10. 20. Who does Percy stare into the eyes of when they arrive in Olympus?