The Life and Times of Ada Lovelace

  1. 1. Aroused or inspired; used to describe how Ada Lovelace's interest in mathematics and computing was sparked.
  2. 3. A person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type; here, it describes Ada Lovelace's algorithm as a perfect representation of early computing principles.
  3. 5. Historical records; in this context, it refers to the documented history of science and technology where Ada Lovelace's contributions are recorded.
  4. 8. Instruction, protection, or guardianship; in this case, it refers to the education and guidance Ada Lovelace received from her mentors.
  5. 9. A female prophet; used metaphorically to describe Lovelace's visionary predictions about the future of computing technology.
  6. 11. To begin to grow or increase rapidly; it describes the rapid development of Lovelace's interest and work in computing.
  7. 12. Strongly influencing later developments; refers to Ada Lovelace's work being foundational and influential in the field of computer science.
  8. 13. The state of being fierce, violent, and uncontrolled; metaphorically used to describe Lovelace's intense passion and determination for knowledge and innovation.
  9. 14. Changes of circumstances or fortune, typically those that are unwelcome or unpleasant; in this context, it refers to the various challenges Lovelace faced in her life.
  1. 2. People who are experts or leaders in a particular field, especially those who are highly admired; in the article, it refers to other renowned figures in science and mathematics with whom Lovelace interacted.
  2. 4. The physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops; it refers to the historical and cultural context of Ada Lovelace's life.
  3. 6. A group of particularly respected, famous, or important people; in this context, it refers to the collection of notable figures in the history of science and technology.
  4. 7. A person or thing of enormous size, importance, or ability; used metaphorically to describe Ada Lovelace's significant impact on computer programming.
  5. 10. The fact of knowing something before it takes place; it refers to Ada Lovelace's ability to foresee the future implications and uses of computers.
  6. 11. A light or signal that guides or warns; metaphorically, it refers to Lovelace being a guiding inspiration for women in STEM fields.