The Remarkable Story of Maya Angelou

  1. 3. A harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.
  2. 5. To transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner.
  3. 9. A pen made from the flight feather of a large bird or used to refer to a writer or their pen.
  4. 10. Courage in pain or adversity.
  5. 11. A person who collects or has a great love of books.
  6. 12. A modulation or inflection of the voice or rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words.
  7. 15. The dispersion of any people from their original homeland.
  1. 1. The state of being silent, either by choice or inability.
  2. 2. Fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.
  3. 4. Serving as a symbol of a particular quality or concept.
  4. 6. The works of a painter, composer, or author regarded collectively.
  5. 7. A combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole.
  6. 8. Loyal, reliable, and hardworking individuals, often associated with a cause or movement.
  7. 13. Loud and clear, especially concerning a call to action.
  8. 14. A woman who is considered to be alluring or fascinating but also dangerous in some way.