The Saints

  1. 3. Saint Kateri is the first ______ American woman to be declared a saint.
  2. 4. Saint Bernadette Mary told her that she was the _____Conception, which means her soul was always perfectly clean and sparkly without sin.
  3. 6. Our Lady of Fatima is also known as Our Lady of the______.
  4. 8. Saint Therese of Lisieux was only 15 years old and wanted to join the______ nuns.
  5. 10. Saint Luke wrote two books of the Bible, the Gospel of Luke and the _____of the Apostles.
  1. 1. Saint Francis of Assisi During his life, Jesus appeared to him on the cross and told him to rebuild His_______.
  2. 2. Saint Frances Cabrini is the first_________citizen to be declared a saint
  3. 5. Saint Catherine Labourne when the Blessed Mother appeared to her she showed her a beautiful _____ with herself on it.
  4. 7. Saint Michael the Archangel Led all the good_____ to fight for God.
  5. 9. When Noah was alive God told him to build an ____ to save the creatures of the world from a giant flood.