The Stunning Natural Wonders of New Zealand

  1. 3. Relating to or produced by the internal heat of the Earth
  2. 5. The act of making someone or something look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively
  3. 11. Green with vegetation; covered in lush greenery
  4. 14. Magnificent and splendid beauty or grandeur
  5. 15. Ideal or picturesque enough to be depicted on a postcard
  6. 16. A modest or low view of one's importance; a sense of humbleness
  7. 17. Extremely peaceful, happy, or picturesque
  8. 20. In its original condition; unspoiled or untouched
  1. 1. Captivating or fascinating in a hypnotic or spellbinding way
  2. 2. An unbroken view of the surrounding region; a wide-ranging or comprehensive survey
  3. 4. Resembling or characteristic of another world; supernatural or ethereal
  4. 6. Unequaled or unmatched
  5. 7. Extraordinary or astonishing things
  6. 8. An impressive display or collection of things
  7. 9. The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect
  8. 10. The quality or state of being impressive or awesome
  9. 12. Astonishingly beautiful or awe-inspiring
  10. 13. Having grandeur or dignity; impressive
  11. 18. The quality or state of being calm, peaceful, and serene
  12. 19. Extremely delicate, light, and graceful; heavenly or spiritual