The Superbowl Puzzle

  1. 3. Every SuperBowl winner is presented with the trophy
  2. 5. Players field a wide array of questions
  3. 6. The NFL had first started out as a loose group of teams in that region
  4. 7. The biggest sporting event of the year for U.S.A.
  5. 8. The leauge split AFC and NFC into three divisons
  6. 9. Had become an unofficial national holiday
  7. 14. Won the first official superbowl vs the Chiefs
  8. 16. Helped boost fan interest for the AFL
  9. 18. Was the first superbowl between the AFL and the NFL
  10. 19. Made the halftime show the central foucs of the game
  1. 1. Companies filled expensive ads to grab public attention
  2. 2. Was the first AFL team to beat a NFL team in the SuperBowl
  3. 4. Early 1930's was the jewel of the pro football season
  4. 6. The AFL and NFL teamed up into two conferences of the NFL
  5. 10. Brady had won his 5th Super Bowl which was more than any other qb in history
  6. 11. Marked the point for organized professional football
  7. 12. Brodcasted on national televison which helped fuel interest of the NFL
  8. 13. 1991 started the World League of American Football to build fan interest in Europe
  9. 15. In 1990 the playoff field made the modern total to 12
  10. 17. Would compete directly with the NFL