The unique adaptations of desert animals

  1. 5. Showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.
  2. 7. Lacking spirit or liveliness; slow and relaxed.
  3. 8. The process of becoming completely dry or dehydrated.
  4. 12. Being more than is needed; unnecessary.
  5. 13. Peculiar or individual in character.
  6. 15. A bird found in the southwestern United States, particularly in desert regions.
  1. 1. Extremely small or tiny.
  2. 2. Characterized by being active during the nighttime rather than the daytime.
  3. 3. Unchanging over time or unable to be changed.
  4. 4. The chemical processes occurring within a living organism to maintain life.
  5. 6. In an informal manner, especially in terms of language.
  6. 9. Any of various organic compounds that are insoluble in water; includes fats and oils.
  7. 10. Done in a quiet and secretive way to avoid being noticed.
  8. 11. A shrub native to North American deserts, particularly known for its adaptation to arid conditions.
  9. 14. Possessing strength and lean muscle.