The untold stories of women in World War II

  1. 4. Difficulties, challenges, or misfortune faced in life.
  2. 11. The practice of spying or gathering intelligence, typically involving covert or secret operations.
  3. 13. Deliberate action to disrupt, damage, or hinder the efforts or operations of an enemy or opponent.
  4. 14. Essential or vital in contributing to a particular outcome or achievement.
  5. 16. A person who acts as a link or connection between different groups or organizations.
  6. 17. The basis, groundwork, or underlying support upon which something is built or developed.
  7. 18. Encompassing or including everything; overarching narrative refers to the main or overarching story or theme.
  1. 1. Evidence, proof, or a sign confirming the truth or existence of something.
  2. 2. The main support or central part of something; figuratively, referring to the fundamental or essential element.
  3. 3. A coming together or merging of two or more things, often referring to the combination or intersection of different elements.
  4. 5. The ability to recover, adapt, or bounce back from adversity, challenges, or difficult circumstances.
  5. 6. The controlled distribution of scarce resources or goods, often during times of shortage or war.
  6. 7. Relating to society, its organization, customs, and values.
  7. 8. Of crucial importance or significance; central or critical to the success or outcome of something.
  8. 9. Absolutely necessary or essential; unable to be done without.
  9. 10. Not previously or widely known or recounted; not spoken or written about.
  10. 12. Of great importance or significance; having a lasting impact.
  11. 13. An outward appearance or imitation of something, often used to refer to a semblance of normalcy.
  12. 15. Bold, daring, or fearless, often in a way that is unconventional or surprising.
  13. 19. Celebrated, praised, or given more significance or attention than is deserved.