Friends Select Theater

  1. 4. Here you can find the names of actors and their roles
  2. 5. In the event an actor is sick, this person will save the day
  3. 7. As they took their bows the audience was chanting for an __
  4. 9. To dismantle the set
  5. 10. This day of the week is opening night for Pippin
  1. 1. An interval between two acts of the show
  2. 2. Often times in Pippin actors will break the __ wall
  3. 3. This red drapery opens to reveal a show
  4. 4. Here you can find Strings, Brass, and Woodwinds
  5. 6. This person will help you find your seat, and is also performing at this years Super Bowl halftime show
  6. 8. An instrumental introduction to the show