This mysterious world of ours

  1. 3. One way of finding answers to questions we have.
  2. 6. The place where teh sky and the land seem to meet.
  3. 10. "Who are we and where do we come from?" is a question of ___.
  4. 13. Adil used to like painting pictures of ___ before, now he had no interest in them.
  5. 14. Our world is a very ____ place.
  6. 16. The shapes worked together to make new ___.
  7. 18. When we ask questions of faith we go on a ___ journey.
  8. 19. How did the shapes feel after a few days
  9. 20. In the story "Another way of seeing things", what was Adil doing when the story starts?
  10. 21. Adil asked himself, "Oh, ___ did the mouse have to die?"
  11. 22. In our spiritual search, we need a spiritual ___ who can lead us through the unknown.
  1. 1. One of the three shapes on the story "The picture that came to life"
  2. 2. Our planet is home to all kinds of ___ and animals.
  3. 4. A natural disaster mentioned in the reading.
  4. 5. Triangle suggested at the end, that if the shapes ___ ___ about their own selves, they will begin to understand who they are.
  5. 7. Our spiritual guide ___ to us new meanings about this mysterious world in which we live.
  6. 8. Many people suffer because they are ___.
  7. 9. Zulekha could not find her own story because it was still being ___.
  8. 11. We see ___ and sadness in our world (opposite of sadness).
  9. 12. Seeking answers to difficult questions is like climbing a high ___, when we are at the very top, we see things we had never seen before. We also discover that there are even higher ___ to climb.
  10. 14. Which animal helped Adil escape from the cat?
  11. 15. "What makes some people want to paint pictures of flowers?" is a question of __.
  12. 16. "How are our eyes able to see various colors?" is a question of ___.
  13. 17. Zuleikha was looking for her own ___ in the book.
  14. 20. What did Adil do for the mouse at the end of the story?