Top startups

  1. 2. As fans of cricket🏏You all know me for sure! I'm a leading fantasy gaming platform in India and also includes a number in my name.
  2. 5. I'm a platform where you can pay your credit card💳 bills You also get rewarded for it!
  3. 6. First word of an insurance company🤑 founded in 2016. I'm also the word used very much while saying numbers.
  4. 8. An online pharmacy and medical store💊 in India. I became First Epharmacy unicorn in India.
  1. 1. I've captured a third of India's audio🎧market and also known as India's homegrown electronics brand.
  2. 3. I'm a friend of many homepreneurs by being an e-commerce distribution channel. Most of you shop👚👗 from me!!
  3. 4. You know me as a provider of B2B commerce solutions🗃️ founded in 2016. I'm also coming into B2C markets through a app, Pickily.
  4. 7. If you invest in stocks, Mutual funds, IPOs. I'm sure you know me very well! An investing platform competing with Zerodha and PayTm💸