Tourism Kamloops Crossword - Adults

  1. 3. Mt Peter and Mt ____ standing tall
  2. 4. Hawaii is made up of these and we have one of our very own called McArthur ______
  3. 8. Kamloops is home to Canada’s biggest municipal ____ parks
  4. 10. The Kamloopa ______ is the largest annual event held at the Tk’emlups Arbour in August
  5. 11. In Kamloops, we are lucky enough to experience all four ______ (summer, winter, fall, spring)
  6. 13. Quaint ski area that shares its name with Kamloops’ first winery
  7. 15. Kamloops is known as Canada’s __________ Capital
  8. 16. The award-winning fields at Norbrock Stadium is where you can watch _______ games
  9. 18. Kamloops’ new baseball team in the West Coast League is called the _____ Paws. It’s also one of four directions on a compass
  10. 19. “I can’t wait for summer so I can rent a seadoo and explore Kamloops Lake from _____ Marina”
  1. 1. Kamloops is paradise for those who enjoy being _______
  2. 2. Over 100 ____ can be found within a one hour drive of Kamloops
  3. 5. One of the rarest bears found in BC (another word for ghost)
  4. 6. _____, trains and automobiles are all ways you can find yourself arriving in Kamloops
  5. 7. In 1996, Kamloops played host to the Labatt Brier which celebrates this sport
  6. 9. Kamloops is home to the world-famous rainbow _____ found in the many lakes surrounding the city.
  7. 12. Rivershore, Pineridge, Tobiano, Talking Rock…. All have ____ in common
  8. 14. A Kamloops winery that shares part of their name with this British comedy (____ python)
  9. 17. 2014 4 Nations Cup, 2019 IIHF World Junior Championships, and 2016 IIHF Women’s World Championships all shared the same ice as our local WHL hockey team.