Tourism Kamloops Crossword - Kids

  1. 3. An activity you can do either in an arena or on the many outdoor ponds in and around Kamloops
  2. 6. This place is where you can run through sprayers, fountains, puddles and leave totally soaked
  3. 7. Marshmallows, graham crackers and _______ are what you make sure you pack for your next camping trip to make S’mores.
  4. 9. You will need snow pants, a toboggan and mitts if you want to go do this winter activity
  5. 10. Spookloops takes place during this spooky holiday on October 31.
  6. 11. A place you may go for your swimming lessons
  7. 12. At Falcon Lanes, you can get a strike, spare and sometimes a gutter ball while doing this activity
  8. 13. A _____ has 2 wheels and you use this to explore your neighbourhood and the hills in and around Kamloops. Don’t forget your helmet!
  1. 1. Little _______ Treehouse is a family favourite. They also really like Bananas!
  2. 2. Scoopz is likely a place you have visited to pick your favorite flavour of __________ in the summer?
  3. 3. – Take your board, scooter or skates over to the _____ park, located at McArthur Island
  4. 4. What do you use to bounce as high as you can? Jump360 is a great place to try one of these out.
  5. 5. What season starts in October and makes all the leaves change colour?
  6. 8. Uncle Chris the _____ is an excellent animal balloon maker.
  7. 12. BC Wildlife Park is home to many of these big furry creatures that make the sound – ROARRRRR