Tuscan Wine

  1. 1. Ornellaia Bianco is made from, mostly, which grape? (9,5)
  2. 4. Perhaps the best known and long lived Tuscan wines made from Sangiovese
  3. 6. Complete the DOCG; Vino Nobile di
  4. 7. A region that runs along the coast, and birth place to modern international varietal blended wines
  5. 10. A term you might find on the label to show the wine has been aged in oak and in bottle before release
  6. 13. Sassicaia is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and this grape (8,5)
  7. 16. Famed town for its medieval towers and Vernaccia (3,9)
  8. 17. The family name of winemaking dynasty that makes Tignanello and Solaia
  9. 18. A black and white city that gives its name to a sub region of Chianti
  1. 2. The family name credited with inventing Brunello (6,5)
  2. 3. "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti" is a line delivered by which film character doctor? (8,6)
  3. 5. Wines made outside the DOCG system and usually with Bordeaux varieties in the blend have been known as (5,6)
  4. 8. One of the most famous Merlot's produced in Tuscany
  5. 9. Chianti .... A region within Chianti to show the wine is from its historical heartland
  6. 11. A label designation that allows foreign grape varieties to be added (abbreviation)
  7. 12. A holy passito wine, great for dunking your cantuccini in (3,5)
  8. 14. Name the dominant red grape in Tuscany
  9. 15. An indigenous variety that can be used in Chianti alongside Sangiovese