Unit 3 Project

  1. 1. Election in which voters choose the candidates from each party who will run in the general election
  2. 3. Physical migration from rural areas to cities
  3. 5. Belief that assimilating immigrants into American society would make them more loyal citizens
  4. 8. Theodore Roosevelt's promise of fair and equal treatment for all Americans
  5. 9. Prohibition of alcohol
  6. 12. A form of journalism popular in the early twentieth century, devoted to exposing corrupt government practices, businesses, and individual politicians.If you participated in this form of journalism you would be considered a Muckraker.
  1. 1. Movement responded to the problems by industrialization and urbanization by promoting reform and solution
  2. 2. The Spoils System is the political practice of putting friends/ family/ supporters ($$$) into positions of political power
  3. 4. When a nation changes from an agrarian society to an industrial one
  4. 6. Anonymous voting method that helps to make elections fair and honest
  5. 7. a way for citizens to approve or reject a state or local law
  6. 10. A building in which several families rent rooms or apartments often with little sanitation or safty
  7. 11. the right to vote, or a vote itself