Unit 3A FINAL Crossword

  1. 4. the main type of diffusion in terms of diffusion of pop culture
  2. 7. a social phenomenon, something the majority of a group do
  3. 10. what causes pop culture to spread and become famous
  4. 13. part of a person's self-conception and self-perception and is related to nationality, ethnicity, religion, social class, generation, and locality, and regional identity.
  5. 14. example of this is Deutsche Welle
  1. 1. relating to populations that access pop culture
  2. 2. type of diffusion that can cause the spread of folk music
  3. 3. a personal phenomenon, something that a single person does
  4. 5. type of diffusion relating to the isolation of folk cultural
  5. 6. What is affected by pop culture but not by folk culture
  6. 8. the access of this allows pop culture to be distributed across countries
  7. 9. example of this is rap
  8. 11. where folk music is based from
  9. 12. a place where something originates from.
  10. 15. one of the oldest folk sports, that diffused into a popular culture sport