US History

  1. 2. the Arab oil company that stopped giving US oil in 1973
  2. 3. the side that President Reagan supported in Nicaragua in the 1980s Iran-Contra Affair
  3. 6. the Middle Eastern country in which US hostages were taken from the US Embassy
  4. 8. War America lost this war and failed to contain Communism
  5. 10. the President who organized the Camp David Accords
  6. 14. the domain of a website connected to an educational institution
  7. 15. the name of your US History teacher
  8. 16. the land of this nation shrunk when Israel was created in 1948
  9. 17. Nixon's policy to ease tensions with the Soviet Union in the Cold War
  10. 20. the Soviet Union invaded this country in the Middle East in 1979
  1. 1. to compare how sources agree or disagree
  2. 4. the President involved in the Iran-Contra Affair
  3. 5. the name of the Muslim Revolutionary Group that the US supplied with weapons in Afghanistan
  4. 7. this man became President after Nixon resigned in 1974
  5. 9. the country in the Middle East the US ALWAYS supports
  6. 10. America's policy to stop the spread of Communism
  7. 11. d'etat the French word meaning to overthrow a government
  8. 12. the domain of a website connected to the government
  9. 13. Union the country America opposes in the Cold War
  10. 18. the title of the leader in Iran
  11. 19. the name of the scandal that forced Nixon to resign from the Presidency