US History

  1. 2. No _______ without representation
  2. 5. This man made an engraving depicting an important moment in history
  3. 7. The act that taxed people on all paper goods
  4. 10. The battle of _______ was a very controversial battle in American history
  5. 11. The act that taxed on all imported ______
  6. 13. The battle that ended the war
  7. 15. awakening Spiritual change, people spoke out against their leaders
  8. 16. This country became allies with the US & helped fight for America's independence
  9. 18. The act that raised money to bribe magistrates to remain loyal to Britain
  10. 19. Men that were not from Britain who were employed to help fight with the British
  11. 20. The ______ river was crossed by George Washington and his soldiers on Christmas Eve as a part of their "sneak attack"
  1. 1. A pamphlet that supported leaving the rule of Britain
  2. 2. The author of the Declaration was ______
  3. 3. The list of _______ were the offenses that signers of the Declaration declared against King George
  4. 4. The act that forced colonists to allow soldiers to stay in their houses; colonists had to feed the soldiers
  5. 6. The ______ was a war that lasted 8 years; it was a battle for independence from Great Britain
  6. 8. A name for British soldiers
  7. 9. The sons of ______ were patriot men that believed in independence
  8. 12. A bloody massacre that questioned whether British soldiers firing into a crowd was justified
  9. 14. The _______ congress consisted of representatives who met & made important decisions; these people met twice
  10. 17. The declaration of ________ was one of the most critical documents in American history; it was drafted twice