US History

  1. 2. Former slave and leader in the abolition movement in the US
  2. 3. American Warship sunk in Cuba, cause of the Spanish American War
  3. 5. ________ camps unjustly held Japanese Americans during WWII
  4. 8. FDR's government programs that aimed at helping the US out of the Great Depression
  5. 11. ship that was sunk by the German submarines in 1915, cause of US entry into WWI
  6. 12. houses in the great plains were made out of ______ because of the lack of wood
  7. 13. Symbol of women in the workforce during WWII
  8. 15. Outlawing alcohol, the 18th amendment
  9. 17. Innovative transportation that moved people and goods across the country in the late 1800s
  1. 1. Wilson's _________ Points were his plans for the end of WWI
  2. 4. The word used to describe a country becoming more urban than rural
  3. 6. the right to vote
  4. 7. The cause of US involvement in WWII
  5. 9. This region includes Nebraska, Kansas and Illinois
  6. 10. Booker T._______________ was an advocate for educational equality
  7. 14. The period between 1865 and 1877 where the united states was rebuilding after the Civil War
  8. 16. The battle of __________ was the turning point in the Pacific theater of WWII