US History

  1. 1. American pamphleteer and Founding Father who wrote "Common Sense."
  2. 4. commander-in-chief during the war.
  3. 6. The British general who surrendered at Yorktown.
  4. 8. The document that declared the independence of the American colonies.
  5. 10. French military officer who aided the American cause.
  6. 11. Volunteer soldiers ready for rapid deployment during the war.
  7. 12. of Paris The treaty that officially ended the Revolutionary War.
  8. 17. Famous phrase associated with Patrick Henry's speech.
  9. 18. British soldiers hired to fight against the American colonists.
  1. 2. measure imposed on the American colonies by the British.
  2. 3. The strategy of avoiding direct engagement with the enemy while wearing them down.
  3. 5. The American military alliance with France during the war.
  4. 7. American military officer known for his winter encampment at Valley Forge.
  5. 9. The group of colonial delegates that convened to oppose British policies.
  6. 13. A significant victory for the Americans in New York.
  7. 14. The location where the American Declaration of Independence was adopted.
  8. 15. The final major battle of the Revolutionary War.
  9. 16. The first major battle of the Revolutionary War.