US History

  1. 5. made sure that one of the branches of government did not get too powerful
  2. 10. every 5 slaves in a state would count as three free persons
  3. 14. the promise the federalists made to attach to the Constitution
  4. 16. the creator of the New Jersey Plan
  5. 18. changes to the Constitution
  6. 19. many of the antifederalists
  7. 20. rule by the people
  1. 1. the governor of New York who was an antifederalist
  2. 2. supporters of the Constitution
  3. 3. opposed the Constitution
  4. 4. the date of the first meeting of the new congress
  5. 6. did not get rid of the articles ad instead it modifies them to make the central government stronger
  6. 7. was chosen to become the first president under the new Constitution
  7. 8. proposed to get rid of the articles and create a new national government
  8. 9. divided government power between federal and state governments
  9. 11. the two states that had not ratified the Constitution
  10. 12. the state that waited until the bill of rights was proposed to ratify the Constitution
  11. 13. his idea was used in the Great Compromise
  12. 15. the leaders of the federalists
  13. 17. the majority of the delegates that attended the convention in Philadelphia