US History

  1. 3. “Black americans will never be treated fairly in a mostly White country”.
  2. 6. A labor union wanted to destroy America’s capitalist economy.
  3. 10. A program that paid farmers to produce less food.
  4. 11. “lightning war”.
  5. 12. He became the dictator of Germany in 1934.
  6. 13. A film that portrayed African Americans as violent and dangerous.
  7. 15. The Birth of a Nation made them popular again.
  8. 18. FDR addressed Americans through the radio.
  9. 19. These were African American pilots who protected bombers during the war.
  1. 1. Another name for the D-Day invasion.
  2. 2. The 18th Amendment is usually referred to as.
  3. 4. The Red Scare was the fear of spreading throughout the country.
  4. 5. A two night terror killing all of Hitlers political rivals.
  5. 7. Sacco & Vanzetti were immigrants from this country.
  6. 8. Americans 65 and older would receive monthly income provided by the federal government.
  7. 9. The first to invent the atomic bomb in the world.
  8. 14. These were women who pushed the boundaries of style and behavior.
  9. 16. Investors used to buy bank money and buy stocks with their money.
  10. 17. The Depression started during his presidency.
  11. 20. A place in Oświęcim, Poland.