US History

  1. 4. political party that South had
  2. 6. political party that North had
  3. 7. an American,approached the Spanish with a plan for Texas settlement:
  4. 8. one of the first female nurses to serve in the Civil war, known as her First Aid
  5. 11. a town that Free-soilers refused to follow laws and started
  6. 14. Thanks to this, by 1850, California’s population had reached 93,000
  7. 15. The pro-slavery legislature established the town of 000000000
  8. 16. a president of the North, was strongly against slavery
  9. 19. to incorparate into the domain of a city, country, or state
  10. 20. opposing to slavery
  11. 21. First Europeans to visit what would become Texas
  1. 1. one of the Nebraska Territory divided into: Nebraska and 000000
  2. 2. of parts of New Mexico, Arizona, and California
  3. 3. a war between citizens of the North and South
  4. 5. a movement in the 19th C that focused on the abolishment of slavery
  5. 9. Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri
  6. 10. favoring slavery
  7. 12. President Lincoln’s plan that suffocating the South like a snake by cutting off their resources
  8. 13. an abolitionist Senator from MA
  9. 17. a type of rule in which military commanders are in control and citizens’ rights and freedoms are suspended
  10. 18. law determined the residents of Utah could decide whether to allow slavery