Valentines Day Crossword Puzzle

  1. 3. Couples may exchange these circular, metallic tokens of commitment on Valentine's Day.
  2. 4. To show affection, some may pen a heartfelt _______ expressing their love.
  3. 6. This winged mythological figure is known as the god of love.
  4. 7. This warm, comforting beverage is perfect for sharing with a loved one.
  5. 8. Cupid is often depicted with one of these, ready to strike love into unsuspecting hearts.
  6. 9. A traditional Valentine's Day color, often associated with passion and love.
  7. 11. A special day designated to celebrate the strong bond between couples and how many years they have been together.
  8. 13. Couples might take a romantic stroll in a beautiful, natural setting such as a _________.
  1. 1. An intimate expression of love, people exchange these physical tokens on Valentine's Day.
  2. 2. Day A romantic holiday celebrated on February 14th.
  3. 5. This sweet treat is often associated with love and comes in various shapes and sizes.
  4. 6. A heart-shaped, sugary delight that often carries sentimental messages.
  5. 10. A popular February 14th activity, couples often enjoy a romantic ___________.
  6. 12. This fragrant, colorful bloom is a classic gift expressing love and passion.